10 Must watch TV series

One of our habits after a long hard day’s work is watching TV series that would really entertain. There are actually a lot of TV series worth watching but we have these favorites that we really look forward and crave to watch more and I would really like to share them.

10. Blacklist.

The series revolves around one of the most wanted fugitive, Raymond Reddington helping the FBI to track criminals which benefits his unknown interest. He requested for a newbie FBI profiler named Elizabeth keen, who was then discovered to be a daughter of a Russian spy and was also doubted to be one. The Blacklist is now in Season 3.


9. The Strain.

The strain is about a supernatural creature that infects people with worms. Ephraim being separated from his wife tries to fight the epidemia with his work partner and lover Nora.


8. Breaking Bad.

Walter White, a chemistry teacher diagnosed with lung cancer tries to secure his family finances by making high quality meth. He teams up with his student Jesse Pinkman who already has connections in the drug dealing industry. At the end, Walter was believed to be dead after killing the Neo-Nazi gang.


7. True Detective.

The story is about 2 detectives, Rust and Marty, who were able to solve a case in the past and has parted over a decade ago because of Rust having an affair with Marty’s wife. They were now summoned by 2 detectives since it was believed that the suspect is still at large. The second season came up with another story which was unfavored by most.


6. The Homeland.

Nicholas Brody, who was imprisioned by Al-Qaeda in Iraq was rescued and declared a war hero. Carrie Mathison, suspects Nicholas as a terrorist. After Nicholas confession on being a terrorist, the CIA uses him as a double agent. Carrie had an affair with Nicholas which resulted to her being pregnant. Nicholas was publicly hanged to death. Carrie continues to be a CIA agent. The series will show its 5th season on 4th of October 2015.


5. The Walking Dead.

The story starts to revolve around Sheriff Rick Grimes who woke up from Coma to find out that zombies takes over the world. He finds his family without knowing that his wife is pregnant with his partner and bestfriend, Shane Walsh. Lori dies while giving birth. The struggle to survive against zombies continues and Season 6 will be aired on 11th of October 2015.


4. Supernatural.

The 2 brothers, Dean and Sam Winchester, fights with supernatural creatures while looking for their father and to uncover the mystery on Sam’s real deal with the demons. T the last season, Dean turned out to be a demon and killing death to save Sam. Eleventh season will be out on the 7th of October 2015.


3. Rome.

A shortlived TV series is about 2 soldiers, Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pullo. Who has been witness to the historical events in Rome. Lucius loses his wife as she jumps on the balcony after he learned that she had a child with his lover while he was at war. Titus on the other hand believes that Cleopatra’s son was his.


2. Vikings.

The Vikings led by Ragnar Lothbrok, raids and loots England and becomes the King after successfully defeating King Horik. At the last season, After defeating Paris, Ragnar decides to go back to home leaving Rollo on the camp. Emperor Charles offers Rollo his daughter for marriage in return of protecting Paris from his brother Ragnar.


1. Game of Thrones.

The best series I’ve watch so far tells the story of 7 kingdoms battling for the throne. Many believes that Jon snow is the son of Rhaegar Targaryen, which makes him a dragon rider. However, Jon Snow was believed to be dead and is not coming back on the next season. This leaves a lot of speculation on what is going to happen on the next season. Season 6 is expected to air on Spring of 2016.

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  2. So hard to find a good series and hopefully a successful one that doesn’t get cancelled (Firefly) or has a horrendous ending (Lost) — thanks for putting a few more on my radar!!

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