Benefits of Regular Exercise

Did you know that exercise have too many benefits for your body? From weight control and disease control to boosting energy, exercise can improve your lifestyle and shape.

Energy Boosting

Energy and endurance levels can be maximized by regular exercise. Muscles become stronger and can endure more stress than those who doesn’t exercise regularly. Exercise can improve your heart and lung function by delivering oxygen and nutrients to your tissues, thus, giving you more power to be active.

Feel Good Mood

The more sensitivity to serotonin and norepinephrine hormones you have, the happier and less depressed you feel and this sensitivity can be increase by exercise. Exercise also produces endorphins which brings us to good mood.

Lose weight

When we exercise, we burn calories and build muscles when done with proper protein intake. Our skin becomes firmer and our body becomes leaner. There are some exercise that focuses on where you want to lose. It is just about finding the right regime for you.

Reduce the risk of chronic disease

High blood pressure and diabetes are the worst enemy of a lot of people. You might be restricted to eating fatty foods, sugars, and a lot more. Exercise can regulate blood pressure and fat levels. It can also improve our sensitivity to insulin.

Healthier Brain

Did you know that exercise not only improves your body but also your memory? This is because exercise can improve blood flow and oxygen intake in our brain and it stimulates the hormones that promotes growth of brain cells.

Cures sleep disorder

High body temperature makes us feel sleepier and thus improves our sleep. Moreover, after doing exercise, our energy depletes suddenly and our body recuperates while sleeping. That’s why exercise is suggested to those who have insomnia.

Healthier skin Anything that increases blood circulation can be good for your skin. Blood stream can carry waste and free radicals away from our cells resulting to healthier skin. Also, again, oxygen helps in promoting healthy blood circulation.

It might be hard to exercise regularly in our busy life, but think about all these benefits and make them our motivation for our better life.

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