My journey to a fruitful blogging – I made my own website

After a lot of sign-ups, I thought to myself, why can I hit it big? Why can’t I make decent money enough to quit my job. I read a lot of blogs and I figured out that I can actually make my own blog but for me to do that, I need a website. I think tumbler is too complicated. attaches the web name at your chosen name so I figured out I want my own one and I think I can afford to pay one. I went to google and searched for “How to make your own website”. I read a lot of blogs and tried to watch a lot of videos until I found out what I was looking for.

I chose Hostgator because of good reviews for their webhosting. I even chatted a lot of times recovering my previous themes which you will learn soon if you follow my journey to blogging.

So here is a step by step on how to make a website:

  1. Go to and click Get started now
  2. The page will take you to 3 plan choices. If you plan to make only one website, choose Hatchling plan but if you think that in the future you might need to make another one, choose the Baby Plan. Business plan is generally for Businesses that needs more features and support.

1     3. Choose a domain name which is unique



  1. Choose a plan, billing cycle, username and pin which you will use to log-in on your account.

4     5. Enter your Billing info which reflects the credit card you will be using.

5     6. Choose additional services you want. As you are a beginner, I suggest unchecking all the services since you might not how they will affect the website and come back later for any service you think you might need to maintain your site.

6   7. Enter a coupon code if you have, review the order details then checkout if you are fully satisfied of the order.



  1. After signing up, you will receive an e-mail confirming your sign-up, your username and password.

8      9. The process is completed and you may now start creating your website. Congratulations!


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