My journey to a fruitful Blogging – I tried Paid per click

While paid per click does not give a profitable income, work at home people still use it as an option to earn some cash. It may take a while to earn a withdraw able amount but it only takes 5 minutes of your days since there are limits on how much ads you can click In a day. Some sites even let you do autosurf while doing other things on your other browser. But some requires you to stay on the page.

I myself had a lot of trial and error in this kind of job as there are too many scam websites available. It took patience to search for the real once and as by now; I only know 2 of them as real paying and long running.

  1. Clixsense This site is not only a paid per click site but also it offers a lot of earning options. There are daily offers where you will be asked to do some signing up, surveys,trials and other offers which you might be interested.
  2. Neobux is almost the with Clixsense. Sometimes I think that they are sister companies since they advertise each other.
  3. Guruclix promises to pay $0.04 per click and also offers some contests and affiliates.
  4. Clixunion also offers to pay per click and is running a $200 contest which you might want to join.

All these earning opportunities takes patience and time that you might want to try but always remember that internet does not always pay easy. All of us actually put up a lot of efforts, trial and errors and we might also need to go through a lot of scams to find out which one really works for us.

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