My journey to a fruitful Blogging – My first online learning experience

I am a mom and I used to work 60 hours a week. It was then that I realized this is not the life I wanted. I want to go out with my friends, play with my 2 kids, have spare time to look after my house, to have a date with my hubby, to travel the world, have a taste of all the fantastic restaurants around the town.  But with this job, I knew it was impossible.

Then I started searching. How can I earn at home without actually compromising what I earn from a 60 hours per week job? It was the longest running question in my head that made me really search the internet. There are a lot of options in the internet that I’ve tried. Years and years passed and I think I tried them all.

My first online money making experience started with forum posting. I was 22 and that was 2004. Those times were Nokia 8210 was the most famous cellphone in our country and internet can only be access by computers and laptops. I was addicted to reading on laptop and became a member of almost all famous sites with forum. Yahoo then was my only e-mail address and my messenger.

Browsing into the forums, I came across a guy who pays for my posts on forums. Basically, he asks me to go to a forum, look for 20 topics that interests me and post a response to the existing thread. Sometimes, I have to create my own thread and answer when someone replies. It was very easy and I think I cashed out$20 after a month which was not a bad experience for me since I do it as a pass time. Now, since I have my own website, I still look for forums that would pay me while I can post my ideas and promote my website at the same time. So here are people’s top choices on paid forum posting:

  1. Paid forum Posting – is a website that creates contents for websites since 2005. You have to be 18 and above to join. Just sign up on the website and start 7 threads which will be screened by the administrators. Make sure that you proofread your contents as they are very sensitive to grammar. You will be notified once you are selected.
  2. Post loop – is also a great way to start forum posting. You only need to make 5 trial posts and wait for a confirmation. While you are enjoying your favorite topics, you can also promote your blog and earn money at the same time.
  3. Professional Forum Posters – As usual, you have to sign up. The site has the restriction of posting a combination of thread and replies with 25 but not more than 50 words. Be careful of grammar, punctuations and spelling as they also are very sensitive to this matter.
  4. We love forums – You need to make 5 trial posts which will be assessed if you will be accepted as a poster.

For starters, this will test your writing skills. As for me, I have enjoyed forum posting on my beginner’s days and learned a lot about places, poker, family life and a lot more. I say it’s a great way to start.

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