Only in the Philippines street foods and comfort foods

There are some foods we love about Philippines that we just keep missing when we are deprived of for a long time and just as I am so excited to go home, I’m also excited to have a taste of what I have been missing for a long time. Others might be a little turned off but once you liked them, you’ll never have the idea of disliking again. I guess the specialty we have in our country is the street foods and I’m obsessed with them right now. So here’s the list of what you might be lucky to find in other places but will never taste the same as it is in their home town:

10. Suman
Some are made from rice and some are made from cassava. The special thing about these foods is they are wrapped in banana leaves that add up to the smell and taste. The fresher the leaf, the better it tastes.
9. Rellenong bangus

rellenong milkfish
I have been to other places but no milkfish seem to taste like the Pangasinan Milkfish. The ingredient of the stuff they put on it makes it more enticing and mouth-watering.
8. Tamarind candy

sampaloc candy
The sweet and sour candy made from tamarind gives the mouth a thrilling sensation just by thinking about it and surely is healthy and delicious at the same time.
7. Puto and Kutsinta

I’ll never forget the times that I wake up early in the morning just to catch the walking merchant of puto and kutsinta. It’s all worth the effort to have a fulfilling breakfast. Add the coffee with and it you would go a long way.
6. Pichi pichi

pichi pichi
When I was young I tried many times to cook pichi pichi but I always fail so I always end up going to the market and searching for this food. It’s best for afternoon snacks and is made of cassava fruit.
5. Zagu

My favorite past time when walking the streets is munching and drinking a smoothie called made by zagu.There are available milk teas in Qatar but nothing seems to taste like Zagu and more importantly, the pearls seem not the same with what we have in the Philippines, soft and chewy.
4. Lechon Kawali

lechon kawali
I don’t usually eat pork but I especially would make a tour to malls just to have a taste of this food. I just like the crunchy and fatty taste mixed with gravy and rice.
3. Kwek kwek

The thing that I don’t understand with this food is I can’t seem to cook it at home and get the same taste I get when I buy it from the streets so I quit and wait for the time I’ll be catching them again.
2. Isaw

I have been warned many times and I know it’s something I won’t feed young children but I love it for myself. Made from chicken intestine and made more delicious by barbecue on the street and spiced up with the secret street vinegar. I’ll definitely be looking for this thing on December.


Balot has made its name all over the world for having this chick inside the egg. Many would hate it but many too loves it and I’m one of its lovers and how I wish to have some right now.

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