Our 7-day trip in United Kingdom

The moment I stepped out of Gatwick airport, I felt that I couldn’t be more blessed to be in London with my family finally. It was an immaculate feeling when you come from the desert and finally loosing yourself to freedom. There were fresh green trees and flowers on the side roads. My kids immediately saw the small insects and tried to touch and chase them. It was a great feeling.

We immediately headed to the train station to our hotel. It was really great that we didn’t have a trouble in finding the metro with 2 kids and luggage. It was easy as pie. The train ride was also comfortable. Not too much people. We took another train going to Tottenham court station to our hotel room.

Since I love shopping and window shopping, the hotel location was perfect for me because Oxford st. is a 2-minute walking distance. I also love the China town which is 10-minute walk away.

Our first stop, London Bridge, surrounding it is a park where kids chased and fed the birds. Walking distance from it is the Tower Bridge exhibition explaining the bridge history.


After sight-seeing in London Bridge, we walked our way to HMS Belfast which is the surviving vessel of World War II.

And finally got to take a picture inside the famous telephone booth!!

Next day, Colin drove us to Stonehenge. It was a remarkable structure. The showcase of how the small huts and living condition was well presented. Makes me wonder how people survived in cold without the technology we have right now.

In the afternoon, we headed to Westminster abbey. The architectural concept of the abbey is just amazing. Just the reason that it was used for coronation by British Royals. Among the people buried in the abbey are famous poets, royals, saints and pilgrims.

At night, we took a walk along the sides of Thames River were we can view the London Eye.

On our 3rd day, we started our tour in National History Museum. The entrance is free and was perfect for kids. There is a huge collection of relics from dinosaur age, up to the present nature and science discovery.

In the vicinity of the museum, we found a butterfly exhibition where we found cocoons and different colors of butterflies.

Next stop was the British Museum. Prehistoric statues, stones, coins, medals, jewelries and many more historical collections in most continents were displayed.

With 3 boys in the family, with a new addition after 7 months, there is no way we would miss the Legoland, so off we go to Windsor the next day. We waited for the free Legoland bus ride closed to the train station. We had a good view of Windsor castle while on the way.

We had fun taking pictures with the life sized lego figures, riding and playing games, and of course buying our lego sets.

We began our 5th day in the War museum. Everything about war like guns, cannons, tanks and armours can be found.

In the afternoon, we had a good walk at the Hyde park.

Our 6th day has come and we shouldn’t miss the great view of London eye. Just beside the London Eye were street vendors and real human statues.

We took some shots with them and headed to the River Cruise. We rode our boat and travelled the Thames River.

7th day passed was dedicated to packing and going to airport. Our tour has ended and we felt sad to leave UK. It was a wonderful country and we haven’t even gone to the other places.

I will be posting our Original Itenerary for 7 days soon for those planning to visit the London, Windsor and Bath and Stonehenge in 7 days.

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23 thoughts on “Our 7-day trip in United Kingdom

  1. I guess you covered each and every one of the must see tourist points in London. Did you also visit other places in England since the title suggests so.

    1. we went to windsor and stonehenge. we planned to go to edinburgh too but there is so much to see that it didnt fit our schedule..

  2. Oh my God, right timing for my planning to go to London Will be waiting for you to post your 7 day itinerary. Do you think 1 day is enough for stonehenge? And did you have time to go to Ireland/Dublin?

    1. 1day is enough to go to stongehenge as far as i know. you will probably spend half your day thete. we coulnt go to other places other than windsor, stonehenge and london as try to cover major london only…

  3. Happy to see London at a glance. I am really curious to know about the small hut. How’s the internal atmosphere there? I am sure that it will be better than our present day’s house. Enjoy the trip.

    All the best,

  4. I cannot wait to read the full version! I’ve lived in London for a year, BUT never managed to take a road/train trip in close by cities and now I regret it! It sounds like so much fun!

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