Safranbolu is one of my favorite tourist attraction in Turkey. Not only because of the old town recognized by UNESCO consisting of old traditional houses, turkish baths, museums, mosques and historical artifacts, but also because we knew we have a very accomodating and loving family who are always ready to welcome us. It also would not be far from our home as it only is 5 hours travel from Istanbul including road breaks.


My Family in Safranbolu

Our first trip was on July 23 to 24 of 2013. It was summer so we enjoyed the place and get to tor around the old town. It was my youngest son’s 3rd month and a cake was serves to celebrate his growing up. The old town was a sight and it’s like a tour in to history. We also got a view of the mountains on the famous glass terrace.



The entrance of the old town


Different kinds of jams in a store


Inside the historical traditional house



The hilly torn of Safranbolu

The second visit was the best. My kids enjoyed the snow on winter of 2014. Their first snowman with matching olives and carrots to make up the eyes and nose was here. I lended him my scarf as we figured he’s a little cold from all the snow it was made of.


My kids’ first snowman

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The beautiful Safir Konak during winter


Our welcome to 2015 was also extraordinary for me since this is the first year I get to drink, dance and eat all night till morning.


The dinner set ready for 2015


Welcoming 2015


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