The Morocco experience

2 days ago, I have this photo memory from facebook. It has been 5 years since we travelled Morocco. Before going there, I only knew Morocco because of the movie Casablanca which I really never get too see and that our ex-presidents daughter had lived and studied in this place.

Right after we landed our flight, we went straight to La Corniche and went for long walk leading us to the line of fast foods and restaurants with sea view.

Sidi Abdel Rahman Shrine

The weather was great in October, sunny but not too hot. On the beachfront, there was a road leading to Sidi Abdel Rahman Shrine which stands on the western end of the beach.

main square in casablanca


After a few hours of walking, we headed to the Square of Mohammed V where an extraordinary number of pigeons are staying and flying around


Wilaya City Hall

In front of the square is the Wilaya City hall which was previously known as Hotel de Ville.

Hassan II Mosque

Next stop was the Hassan II Mosque , one of the largest mosque in the world. Around it were structures, courtyards and a number of fountains all designed by a French architect.

medina casablanca


At night after the guided tour, we strolled around and found our way to old medina where we found cheap souvenirs, t-shirts and other novelty items.

Right after breakfast at the hotel, we started our 3 and half hour drive to Marrakesh.

Yves Saint Laurent tomb, Majorelle garden

We were able to see the jardin Majorelle, which is famous for the memorial of Yves saint Laurent, a famous fashion collection. Exotic plants, ponds, lilies, lotuses, cactuses are some of the attractions in the garden.

Ourika Valley

Our next destination was a little out of the city called Ourika valley. We settled and ate ate our Tajine on a restaurant in front of the river. There are some decent shops selling silver and stones on a reasonable price.

berber village marrakech

After lunch , we headed on to the top of the Altas mountains where the Berber village can be found. The small houses in the village are historical and quite fascinating. We had their traditional Moroccan tea which I enjoyed a lot.

Before retiring to bed, I saw the spa brochure on the table inside our hotel room and decided to try the Moroccan bath which includes the hamam, and massage. Oh how good was it that we slept till it was time to go back to our room.


Bahia Palace Marrakech

Next day, we walked our way through Medina and stopped by at Bahia palace, a morrocan style palace with several gardens and courtyards.

In the afternoon, we headed to a Gueliz boulevard were famous brands can be found and again we had our Very refreshing Morrocan tea.

Jad Mahal, Marrakech

At night, although I had a feeling of nausea and I was already suspecting I was pregnant with my oldest, we headed to Jad Mahal which is famous for their belly dancing shows. We slipped a 100 dirham to the belly dancer’s costume and had a dance with her.

Jemaa El Fna Square


Our last full day has come and we spent it in Jemaa El Fna Square, were we bought more souvenirs, hats and a lot more. At the end of the square, we found Snake charmers were my husband took a chance of holding one of the cobras.

snake dance

It was  great and exotic adventure, our first in Africa.

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17 thoughts on “The Morocco experience

  1. Morocco is on my must see list before I die! Since we are moving to Europe soon it will be one of the great places to visit once we retire. Thank you for sharing these wonderful and inspiring pictures with us today. They make me want to travel right now!

  2. I’ve always wanted to visit Morocco, but somehow never booked a trip. Now that I moved away from Europe, it’s less likely to happen anytime soon!
    Great post!

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